Sunday, October 31, 2010


The internet can be a beautiful thing. Oh sure, sometimes it doesn’t seem that way, when we’re all subjected to the hatred-filled rantings of a POS like Clint McCance, the school board Trustee who wrote horrible things about gay people (and students in particular) on his Facebook page.

But you know, back in the olden days, a POS like that would go on his way unscathed, content in his bigoted spewings, making the lives of gay kids miserable if ever he had the chance.

However, now we’re in a bright and shiny new era, where any crap like that that you write on FB? Yeah, it gets forwarded and reposted until the next thing you know, there’s a 70,000 person strong Fire Clint McCance page on FB, and then your sorry ass is on Anderson Cooper, where you’re skewered like you deserve, and you find yourself resigning, though thanks to Google, your name will always be in the public memory bank. Thank you Google.

But where was I? Oh yeah. The internets. Anyway, my point being that in the process of the Pinkapalooza contest, I wound up with a winning entry submitted by Original PV on Slowtwitch – an entry that’ll be revealed over the next couple of days. But I also wound up corresponding with a really cool guy, who’s dealt enough with the fucking cancer with his family and friends, and who I’m proud to call a friend.

Especially since he carved this, just for me:

Happy Halloween, Ryan! And I’m sending a hearty “Fuck Cancer!” to your grandmother and your roommate’s mom as well. When I meet up with my CancerChick friends in Philly in a couple of weeks for a conference, we’ll be raising a hearty toast to both of them, and to you and all those who love them…..

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RP said...

I told my daughter to carve "FUCK CANCER" into her pumpkin ystrday and she was literally aghast. Yes, aghast. Not a word to be toyed w/mind you.