Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speaking of Starbucks....

So I walk into my usual SB the other day, and as soon as I do so, it starts:

Jesse: Tasha, how are you? I’ll have your scone in a jif!

Wayne: Tasha, lookin’ good today as always!

Diane: Tasha! How’s our favorite triathlon goddess rock$tar?

Holly: Hey, girlfriend! You know, Brent Seabrook was in here the other day RIGHT after you left…..

In other words, the usual. All with the joviality and smiling faces I’m used to. But then Diane continues:

Diane: And hey, thanks for the write-up! That was great!

Hmm. I think back to what I’ve written about recently in the blog. Starbucks, Starbucks….oh, I know, the survey!!

Me: Oh, you mean the survey!

Diane: Yeah, that was awesome! We printed it out and hung it up in back – thanks for saying such nice things!

Me: I just told them the truth. You know, things as they are here, every day. The adoration I’m subjected to, and so on.

Diane: But still!

You see, once in a while when you’re at SB, your receipt spits out special instructions on how to go online to fill out a survey. I’ve gotten a few, and of course every time I wax eloquent in my usual pithy (ahem) manner about how great this particular SB is, how wonderful the people who work there are, how this is the only one I go to unless I’m out of town, etc. And for the last one, I even got to include a passage about how they have actually saved Kone scones for me if it looks like they’re going to run out of them before I get there. Thus saving Kona from the extreme deprivation that might ensue – especially since I once tried to give him a piece of a sparkly donut as a substitute, and he spit it out. So you can see how dire this situation can potentially be.

For some reason, my tendency to write these novelettes about the perfection of my local SB has endeared me to the crew that works there. Which is good, because it balances out the fact that not only does my Wharton LinkedIn group think of me as “that crazy girl who goes on and on about the need for health care reform, being a really really bad capitalist”, but also that Starbucks Corporate now knows me as “that crazy girl who goes on and on about how much her Doberman loves our petite scones.” Hmm…..I’m sensing a pattern here….

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