Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's PSA

So this morning I'm toodling along with Kona in the car, as we go from dog park to Starbucks, as per our usual routine. Kona, being the perfect gentleman that he is, is sitting in the passenger seat calmly, looking regal and dignified as usual. Okay, okay, as he usually looks when we're on our way for his petite scone. On the way to the dog park, he's always a bit of a maniac.

I'm waiting to make a left hand turn onto Roscoe, and an SUV pulls up to the right, with the woman rolling down her window to ask or tell me something. Naturally, as any proud mom would, I assume she feels compelled to tell me how beautiful and well-behaved Kona is, thus giving me the chance to beam with false modesty while expounding on the strict training regimen I hew to with him at all times. Yes, if nothing else, I'm known for running a tight ship!

(We pause here so my faithful readers can clean up the coffee off their computer screens.)

But no, her question is something else entirely:

Lady in car: I love your bumper sticker! Where'd you get it?
Me: The Fuck Awareness one? Look on Cafepress!
Lady: Cafeshop?
Me: Cafepress! Then just look up the phrase!

At that point some impatient asshat behind her honks, so she has to drive off, before she could launch into her next point about how perfect and wonderful Kona is. Alas.

But just so that people who google the phrase "Fuck Awareness, Find a Cure" stand a good chance of finding Janet's Cafepress shop, here's the direct link: Jellykins' shop

I'm sad to say that the woman who coined that phrase, Janet Yanosko Elkins, has since passed away from her "cureable" breast cancer. At the age of 36. But clearly her legacy lives on, as you can still buy her things and wear them or use them proudly. And you know, being remembered for a great phrase that sums things up so well and prompts nothing but rabid agreement from people......that's a pretty cool thing.

Rest in peace, Janet. Love you, and all my sisters.....


RP said...

Girl, kudos to another great PSA. Tho, I do feel bad for Kone not getting his props and all.

Deborah said...

I so wish I could wear one of those shirts, but I don't want Noah to learn the F word quite so soon. :-)

I tried to go to the MLB page to vote again but got an error. Do you suppose they're cracking down?