Monday, April 19, 2010

Random musings

  • The fact that I’m toodling around CA in an 18-year-old car that has either 45K miles on it or 450K – it’s unclear which – isn’t what’s most alarming. It’s the fact that the speedometer doesn’t go past 85mph. Is that even legal? How can I trust a car like this?

  • That whole carpool lane – I’m driving along and contemplating it, even though traffic in the regular lanes isn’t too bad. Or it might be that people are just giving me a wide berth as I cruise along in my stylin’ Mercury, trying to keep it out of the “red zone” of 55mph and above. Anyway, the carpool lane – don’t the Boobages count as a person? Or, persona? Would a cop really argue with me if I said it was me and The Boobages on a road trip? We cannot and should not be contained to the slower lanes!

  • It is SO RUDE of people, when you’re stealing their internet connection, for them to have a weak connection. Or even worse, to have that connection come and go, like people actually turn off their routers or something. Come on people! I think there’s etiquette about things like this!

1 comment:

RP said...

now if you are driving butt fuck slow, then all bets are off girl. This is So Ca after all...sheeesh! Tho the router thing is purely etiquette some of these peeps need to get a grip already!