Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leisuring in sunny CA

Grandma gives me the grand tour of LeisureWorld, as we go past the golf course, the rec center, the park square, and of course the swimming pool and Jacuzzi. I check out the water temp of the pool as we pass by – 86 degrees. Brr! Are those harp seals I see swimming around in there?

I then decide to read the LeisureWorld/Seal Beach local gazette, see just what kind of establishment my grandmother has gotten herself involved in. Aha! I knew it was a hotbed of criminal and other nefarious activity! To wit:

The first article I read: LWer receives death threat from scammer

“…..the man called to say he had a “package”……then speaking with an accent, he announced ‘I’m in trouble and I’m your grandson.’ So the resident just hung up.”

Shudder! And the second article I notice, where I’m quite certain that “bunny of the week” is just a code phrase for something involving drugs or gun-running: Rosie Andrews bunny of the week

“Rosie Andrew won ‘bunny of the week’ honors at the LeisureWorld Wa-Rite Weight Loss Club thanks to her weight loss…as a result, she wore bunny ears. Rosie also ate very healthy this week, sometimes dining on tuna twice a day.”

(but then the tone gets a bit snarky)

“She said she didn’t “have to” go out to eat this week because her friend is on vacation (as if she is forced to go).”

Now is it just me, or does it seem like the article writer has some kind of long-standing feud with Rosie Andrews? Perhaps some latent jealousy over those coveted bunny ears? But at that point, my eyes drift to a third article – Learn to be ham, classes offered – and my head explodes, so the beleaguered Rosie is left to fend for herself.

Kona update: I know that many are wondering how Kona is coping in the situation he finds himself in – i.e. no petite scone every morning, just hours of playtime with his girlfriend Terra and the other Graves’ dogs. The Kone is still putting on a brave front, hiding his anguish nobly, the cloak of despair not readily apparent as he romps, plays, naps, snacks, plays some more, naps, basks in the sun, etc. So brave! I don’t know how he does it….

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Oldman said...

when do we return to our original program? them there things are not seals but whales... during tourist season in fl we have them in our pools!