Monday, April 26, 2010

The "suffering" of The Kone

Alert Reader Kim has taken me to task for a seeming “dissing,” as the younger generation calls it, of The Kone. Implying that as I’m gallivanting around LeisureWorld, shuffleboard here, bocce ball there, I’m ignoring the plight of Kona as he tries to make his way through the cruel world he’s been thrust into, also known as Life at Jennifer and Bo’s Day Spa.

The truth of the matter is that I know that my readership is delicate and sensitive, and so, I hesitated to post more about the trials and tribulations that our hero Kona has been enduring. Not only has he had to forego the daily petite scone (I know! The horror!), but he’s also….well….umm…..okay, I guess that’s the main thing. The suffering is almost unimaginable!

And as if that weren’t bad enough, then I hear about the torture he’s forced to endure at the paws of his brother Dash! Jennifer’s email detailing this latest travesty:

“You would have laughed at Dash trying to "convince" Kona to give up the nylabone he was chewing on. Dash tried every trick in his repertoire to no avail. He barked, he bounced, he rolled around on his back, he rolled on top of Kona's head, he sidled up next to him, he pleaded his case. He even tried to use Buggles to distract Kona. Kona didn't buy any of it. He just kept right on, contentedly chewing the bone. Dash was so mad. And so very loud about it too. Dash eventually had to be on a time out to get over it.”

Once you see Dash, it’s easy to understand the strain Kona was under:

Poor Kona. If being terrorized by an 11-pound Italian greyhound isn’t the ultimate that one could be expected to endure, then really, what is?? I’m happy to report, however, that he’s survived the torment and is now safely ensconced at home on the couch, recuperating. Or sulking because he’s not having fun at Jennifer and Bo’s Day Spa any longer – tough to tell which.

It occurs to me that in the perfect KonaWorld, he’d have all his favorites in one place: Terra, Dash, and I guess we can put me in there too. So, Jennifer and Bo, clear out a room – we’re movin’ on over.....


Kim said...

The suffering of the Kone. Can’t a boy simply chew on a nylabone in peace without being tortured by a less-than-superior canine breed(no offense Dash)? Apparently not! Don’t even get me started on the petite scone rationing.

RP said...

Oh, Dash boy is soooo cute! Tho, I hope Dash is actually male...hmmm....

Chitwn2008 said...

Dash is a tough cookie - it takes Koko and Terra ganging up together to mess with him! The Kone must have been very brave to keep chewing on that bone!!