Monday, February 11, 2008


For all you skeptics and naysayers out there, I would like to note that YES I am training! For a change! It’s a little alarming that my friends keep asking me “so what’s your plan for this? And that Ironman thing, are you training for that? That’s a long race, you need to be working out you know.” Oh ye of little faith. I have no doubt whatsoever that my plan, The Thighmaster Route to Kona, will pull me through just fine.

Speaking of training, our friend Robyn has put together a half-marathon race, The Frozen Bogey, to be run this weekend along the lakefront. Sunday, to be exact. When it’s going to hit 1 below. Did I mention the race is along the lake, with its legendary winds? So my question is, who’s bringing the bus tokens?

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