Monday, February 11, 2008


So the Great First Annual Paintballpalooza went as planned: Team Chornij Smehrt unrelentingly and resoundingly smoked Team Happy Bunny. While our team had a well-thought out strategic plan, honed through many days of crazy ideas thrown about drunkenly, Team Happy Bunny seemed to be going with the theory that if you shoot enough bullets into a forest, eventually a deer will walk in front of one of them. Unfortunately for them, the Black Death Squad was too wily to fall for that old chestnut.

Besides, as you can see in this picture, MadMax was successful in temporarily infiltrating THB and learning their plan for world domination. Which in large part seemed based on some cockamamie notion of modeling themselves after The Tick and his wimpy little sidekick Arthur the bunny; this involved cowering at our approach and yelling “not in the face!” - thinking that this would somehow lead us to feel sorry for them and not shoot. They certainly miscalculated on that one!

Their appropriating the Tick battle cry of “Spoooon!!” didn’t work that well either on the whole intimidation front.

But a word of caution: don’t be fooled by Carolyn’s sweet and innocent appearance, whereby she looks like she's about to embark on an Easter egg hunt or something equally sanguine; the girl’s a pro marksman. Had her compatriot not gotten pelted in the neck with a paintball early on, I have no doubt that Carolyn would have helped tilt the balance more in favor of the Fuzzy Bunnies. Alas, maybe next time…..if the Bunnies have the guts for a rematch, that is.

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